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Basic rates for services provided by the center at VIZIRKA Delivery Place (dispatching, cargohandling operations) are 30 per cent lower than those at other customs posts in Odessa region.

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VIZIRKA Delivery Place — is a specialized cargo complex, where customs clearance of goods delivered from the border and internal customs can be carried out. We provide high quality service for tented trucks as well as straddle carriers. According to the Customs Code of Ukraine here can carry out customs clearance of any subject of foreign economic activity, regardless of the place of the state registration and accreditation. The infrastructure of the new delivery location allows rendering high quality services for the organization of customs clearance and cargo inspection of any commodity nomenclature. The center has a common office with an operations floor and data terminal, inspection ramps for 12 motor transport parking places, axial and platform balances, RAPISCAN scanning device, loaders, and special equipment of any kinds and any types.


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VIZIRKA Delivery Place
village of Vizirka
1st km of Yuzhny Port highway,
Kominternivske district,
Odessa region
Code 500-013-1-1 in the classifier of delivery places


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