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     Terminals TIS Group — Ukraine's largest dry cargo port. We serve as a gate to the outside world for the mining and metallurgical complex of Ukraine and much of the coal-mining industry in Russia. Located on the shore of the Small Ajalyk Firth, 27 kilometers East of Odessa, we are ideally situated in relation to the industrial part of Ukraine.
     Terminals of TIS are the access to international markets for the production and consumption of grain, fertilizer, coal, ore, and consumer goods for the hundreds of millions of people. More than 700 ship calls a year links TIS with more than 1,500 ports around the world. Our freight turnover in 2014 amounted to 25,9 million tons.
     Having berths with the depths from 15 to 16 meters, TIS is one of the deepest ports of Ukraine, which provides the maximum of product lots and minimum freight costs. Our terminals are also widely known in Ukraine and beyond its processing speed of the fleet - that we own the national records intensity of the handling large bulk carriers.
     The peculiarity of our company is the individual approach to each client and a large number of additional logistics services. As a private company, we have the ability to be flexible and responsive for decades. It is easy to arrange with us and you can be confident that this agreement will be observed.
     8 of our total length of berths is over 1,800 m and this value can be increased by another 1,500 meters being the largest port in Ukraine over the area - over 200 hectares - TIS develops adjoining to territory of Industrial park in the common customs area of the port - a project that has no analogues in the Black Sea. We reserved for him more than 400 hectares of surrounding land.
     We constantly invest into new technologies, expanding of terminals, improved service and attract new types of cargo. On this website you can learn about our new projects and current work of the terminal. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us for organizing the visit. We are open to all.



     TIS-Grain — for freight traffic reached 6.5 million tons, - and capacity - 370,000 tons - the largest in Ukraine grain terminal. We recycle almost every third ton of grain exported from Ukraine and provide the needs of the Middle East and South East Asia in the grain.
     TIS-Fertilizers — Ukraine's largest chemical cargo terminal specialized in exporting of various kinds of Ukrainian and Russian fertilizer requiring private storage. Cargo turnover in 2014 is more than 2.2 million tons.
     TIS-Ore – created in a partnership with FERREXPO, it is the largest and the most effective export terminal for handling pellets. Transshipment volume in 2014 has exceeded 6.2 million tons.
     TIS-Coal – the largest in Ukraine and one of the largest in the former USSR export-import terminal for handling coal, ore and other bulk cargoes of open storage. Able to accommodate ships with a deadweight of more than 200,000 tons and achieved a national record of the intensity of loading.
     TIS Container Terminal – new container terminal in Ukraine, created for the largest vessels that can only enter into the Black Sea, and which can not accepted by any other port in Ukraine. This is the longest (470 m) and deepest (16 m) container berth in the country. Also it is able to unload bulk cargo and set a national record of intensity discharge. It is composed of complex ro-ro for all types of cars and wheeled equipment in any direction. It has an unique experience handling large (up to 53 m) and heavy (weighing up to 68 t) parts of wind turbines.



The industrial park TIS is the unique for Ukraine and the Black Sea project of creation industrial and logistics cluster in the common customs area with the largest container terminal. The project is designed as a national manufacturer, wishing to optimize the logistics of delivery of goods for export, and foreign manufacturers considering the creation of manufacturing facilities in Ukraine.

     Port refrigerating complex we are planning to build a refrigerating warehouse of 20 000 sq.m. with universal freezers - from -21 to 14 degrees, which will provide storage of frozen fish, meat, chilled products - bananas, citrus fruits, as well as the perspective of Ukrainian exports - fruit and vegetables. In virtue of its location in the vicinity of the pier, in the common customs area, the complex will be able to receive the goods directly from ships, but will be open to work with distribution in retail chains. We invite to work jointly on this project stakeholder - manufacturers of products requiring being temperature-controlled, as well as traders, importers, and logistics companies.

     Automobile compound we expect to create a system for vehicle storage area of 200 000 square meters, which would have offered a wide range of additional services. This complex can become the base for Ukraine, and Northern Black Sea coast. It will also be located in the vicinity of the berth in the common customs area.

     Delivery Place VIZIRKA is a specialized cargohandling center in the south of Ukraine. The center has a common office with an operations floor and data terminal, inspection ramps for 12 motor transport parking places, axial and platform balances, loaders, and special equipment of any kinds and any types.


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